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I just want to send you some feedback on behalf of myself and Community College Nelson in regard to your company’s professionalism and work ethic.

I have been dealing with many employers and recruitment agencies for a number of years now in my capacity as tutor on the course I facilitate.

I want you to know that I have stopped using all other agencies apart from A-Temp Nelson. The reason for this is simple: you are by far and away the best in your field.

All other agencies can sometimes see their clients as numbers and not recognise their individual needs. A-Temps never does this, I tell my clients that in dealing solely with you they can expect to be treated with respect and dignity and that if they ever need help or support they can rely on you to be there for them. Their health and safety is paramount to you and your reputation.

I know, and so do they, that you always go the extra mile for them and they can trust you in that. This aspect of your work model is unique and I really think you should know this and feel very proud of this aspect of your business.

Keep doing what you do so well, loving your work guys! (and Debbie!)

Thanks again on behalf of the college and all of the many clients that you have helped to achieve their potential.

Ngā manaakitanga

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