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“The Ideal Candidate”. We’re committed to matching the right candidate to the right employer, every time. No more dodgy temps – we fill roles with experienced, confident and skilled representatives.

Simple Processes

You utilise a recruiting agency to find the right people for the job – we ensure that employers and candidates aren’t bogged down in sluggish setup and application processes. We incorporate efficient processes, tried and proven to work.

Time is Money

We know that every minute that a role sits unfulfilled translates to money lost. Through our comprehensive network of candidates we find and supply the right person, quickly.

People you can trust

A-Temp is 100% privately owned and operated by a team of industry-seasoned, knowledgable people. No corporate cloud or hidden agenda – A-Temp is simply committed to building your A-Team.

A-Temp is on a mission to help businesses/organisations build their A-Team – providing skilled, hard-working staff in an efficient manner to meet the needs of  businesses/organisations in the South Island.

Established in 2016, A-Temp is 100% locally owned and operated by a team of industry-seasoned professionals. Based in Nelson, NZ A-Temp serves clients throughout the Top of the South Island and the West Coast.

A-Temp matches you with the right staff – no shortcuts, no bloated fee structures and no lengthy sourcing process. Just you and your A-Team.