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Terms and Policies

Candidates are the core of our recruitment business and we ensure they are treated with the highest level of confidentiality.

Candidates can be assured that when they engage our help to build their career, privacy is a top priority. In some cases, personal or sensitive information can help us assist in securing an opportunity; however we will not disclose any personal information to a third party without prior consent.

Information Collection

Personal and sensitive information can be collected in a number of different ways including:

  1. Consultation, interviews or resume submissions
  2. Psychological or medical assessment
  3. Contact with a nominated referee
  4. Provision of any additional information regarding a specific candidate
  5. Enquiries by A-Temp Recruitment to any former employers, work colleagues, educational institutions, professional associations or registration body

Information Use

We will use this information to:

1. Assess candidates ability and suitability for the position/s

2. Manage any complaint, investigation or inquiry

3. Disclose candidate’s personal or sensitive information for any insurance claim or relevant proposal


Candidate information may be disclosed to:

  1. Potential and actual employers and clients of A-Temp Recruitment
  2. Referees
  3. A Workers Compensation body
  4. Any person legally entitled to the information, where A-Temp Recruitment may disclose personal information for the purposes for which it is primarily held or for a related secondary purpose.

Information we request from candidates is voluntary, however if the candidate chooses not to provide us with information we may be limited in our ability to assist them in seeking employment.

Candidate’s Access to their own Personal Information

Candidates can access their information to update or correct it. (some exceptions apply under the law).

A-Temp Recruitment may refuse access to information if it interferes with the privacy rights of others or if it would breach any confidentiality relating to that information.

Unless a candidate advises us otherwise, we may destroy any personal or sensitive information if it has not been updated for a period of two years. If it is required that A-Temp Recruitment dispose of candidate information before this time our privacy representative needs to be informed in writing. Verification of identity may be required. A-Temp Recruitment will destroy candidate information in a secure and confidential manner.

Contact A-Temp Recruitment

Make further enquiries about our privacy policies by contacting A-Temp Recruitment on 03 928 0720.

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