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We are a factory that operate technical/heavy duty machinery & equipment.
We require staff that are physically capable & skilled in operation.

That we acquire locally sourced raw material & produce it into pharmaceutical product.

We’ve worked with the team at A-Temp Recruitment on many occasions, with multiple hires as well permanent placements.

The communication is always clear and timely, Billie understands what sort of culture we have and what kind of person would be, not only a great worker but a good team fit.

Most recently A-Temp Recruitment provided us with high quality temporary resource, at short notice, that has eased our workloads and increased our capacity.
We have also been able to rely on A-Temp Recruitment to supply staff at very short notice should we fall short for any reason.

We highly recommend Billie and the team at A-Temp Recruitment for your staffing solutions.

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